2023 - Present
Senior Project Administrator
Rutgers University
Piscataway, New Jersey
  • Currently managing and supporting the Inteum Database for the Technology Transfer Office at Rutgers.
2022 - Present
Research Associate
Rutgers University
Newark, New Jersey
  • Currently translating a Magnetic-Optical Trap Simulation written in MatLab to be in Python. View Project.
2019 - 2023
User Support Services Specialist
Rutgers University
Office for Information Technology, Service Center
Newark, New Jersey
  • Transitioned Rutgers, Newark Campus, Technology Website from Wordpress to Drupal CMS.
  • Developed Augmented Reality Seminars using iOS and Swift, while also creating an environment for Software Development among the Rutgers Community. View Github.
  • Trained the Rutgers Community on how to use 3D Printers for research, course work, and even recreational activities.
2021 - 2022
University Physics, Teaching Assistant
Rutgers University
Physics Department
Newark, New Jersey
  • Utilized the ISLE Teaching Strategy to effectively teach and communicate physics concepts to undergraduates in lectures and focused group sessions.
  • Created an online physics repository that follows the ISLE practices for various physics and math concepts.
Statistics and Machine Learning, Teaching Assistant
Rutgers University
Computer Science Department, Data Science
Newark, New Jersey
  • Created and Managed the course site, grade and assist students with assignments, and demonstrate machine learning models as part of the lesson.
  • Presented my semester project for the course, which covered three different machine learning approaches to training a model for financial predictions, as an example for students when creating their projects. View Project. View Presentation.
2020 - 2021
Team Member
Rutgers University
  • Implemented outreach campaign to professionals in the field of Chemical Manufacturing with over 10 client interviews conducted for product feedback.
  • Communicated with clients to identify and formulate their requirements; customized product to ensure that it was in compliance with the clients' needs.
  • Attended various startup exhibitions and other events to present the product and company to potential customers, partners, and investors.
2019 - 2021
Data Engineer
Newark, New Jersey
  • Worked with Shop Newark Organization to understand business needs and convert payments system and integrate actionable reports through dashboards developed in Python. View Project.
  • Automated ETL processes across millions of rows of data for a Health Clinic Client which helped reduced workload by eliminating a manual data pull and integration.
Software Engineer, Internship
Newark, New Jersey
  • Efficiently deployed registration system for Urban League of Essex County and integrated software engineered with team members and updated integration/deployment scripts to improve continuous integration practices.
2018 - 2019
Web Developer
Rutgers University
Newark, New Jersey


Rutgers University
Newark, New New Jersey
Bachelor's Degree
Computer Science & Applied Physics
Concentrations in Data Science & Mathematics
  • Gained knowledge in software engineering and data science, which fostered the ability to build data-driven products and solve complex data problems.


Professional Skills

Software Development
Statistical Analysis
Web Development
Data Engineering and Management
Machine Learning Model Depolyment
App Development

Languages and Frameworks